We offer various testing procedures at our office to maximize our effectiveness and outcomes while minimizing your stress. After a thorough consultation and examination, our doctors will determine if additional testing may be beneficial to your case. If warranted, digital x-rays may be taken to view bones and structure. After a comprehensive nutritional assessment, lab testing may be ordered to take a deeper look at the potential root cause of your concerns.

On-Site Digital X-Ray

With the addition of computer technology, digital radiography has become a much more efficient, and an even safer method of producing diagnostic images.  It reduces the x-ray exposure by 80% compared to traditional x-ray.  We do not accept outside orders/prescriptions for our x-ray services.

Wellness Testing

We offer an array of wellness testing services.  Samples are sent to our partner labs for analysis and interpretation.   After results are obtained, we will review your results with you and determine a wellness plan to help you feel your best. Services include:

  • Saliva Hormone Testing
  • Gut Health Testing
  • Omega-3 Levels
  • Blood Panels
  • Hair Analysis


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